#She4She Peer Mentoring Programme

Our why for the #She4She programme

Despite positive strides, women still suffer gaping cases of inequality at the workplace. Gender equality campaigns still have a long way to go, in closing the gap in advancement between men and women. In painting the picture of the environment that surrounds women at their workplaces, the research by Thomson found the following: 

    In a 2018 survey on 3627 professional women around the world, Price Water Coopers found that:

    In South Africa, Women make up 51% of South Africa’s 56.5 million people but only a meagre 44% of them hold professional posts. They also remain largely underrepresented in positions of power and authority. To record gains in this struggle, young women must be empowered.

    Project Objectives

    What ails the modern woman at her workplace? 

    Lack of support at the workplace:  “Women need proactive networks of leaders and peers who will develop, promote and champion them at home and in the workplace… They need dedicated sponsors and role models of both genders. Lack of support from male colleagues will stall progress”, PWC 2018. Women have been shown to thrive where they received support from their fellow women. This is especially true in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

    Life work balance: The modern woman is often under pressure to choose between a career and a family. This work life balance model however is unattainable. Women who choose both are forced to choose a less demanding career. This stifles their career ambitions as they sit back and watch men live their dream.

    Lack of platforms to address oppression and harassment:  A woman who has been sexually harassed feels ashamed of herself. Similarly, women have been made to believe that it is their fault the ordeal took place. Those courageous enough to speak out are not always believed. Others fear to be laid off or even to be blamed for creating a toxic environment.  Effects of sexual harassment include lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, post- traumatic stress and a lower level of happiness. Women should be encouraged to speak up without fear of retaliation.

    Our Response

    1. Coaching
    2. #She4She Conversations
    3. Annual #She4She Symposium

    Our Methodology

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