Youth Squad Talks

A good sense of awareness, identity and self-image are critical attributes that will accelerate any young person in life. Core values serve as an anchor and basis through which they make decisions and lead their lives. Therefore, self-mastery and confidence in one’s values inspire young people for better leadership and management of self and others. They also empower themselves to build their resilience against life’s challenges and better adapt to situations around them. Young people need social skills, which are increasingly becoming important factors in determining their success later in life. Such skills play a major role to develop meaningful and long lasting social relationships, function in teams, advance in their career journey and have a better life outlook.

The Youth-Squad Talks have been specifically designed as platforms for imagination, active listening, responsiveness, and fun to instill such skills and unlock the potential of young people. Whilst these are open to young people from all walks of life and across races, they are biased towards those from disadvantaged backgrounds and girls. These platforms are used to enable discussions and reflections on topics of interest and importance to youth. By bringing together young people from disadvantaged and privileged backgrounds, these platforms serve as means to bridge barriers associated with the social class gap. At the same time, they help expose young people to one another’s worlds, something that is important for the growth of our youth.

The Youth - Squad Talks can be facilitated as independent conversations and as a component of the overall Youth-Empower program. They are delivered in a fun and participatory manner through in-house and outdoor activities jointly for both boys and girls. In line with our bias towards girls, specific G-Squad Talks are often held for girls alone. In-house conversations take different forms, combining both content, group discussions, motivational speaking, videos and play activities. We use outdoor activities as means for experiential learning to entrench life skills, build resilience and empower young people with ways of navigating the ups and downs of life.

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