Fireplace Conversations

From time memorial, a fire place has always been one around which families hold conversations in a relaxed and fun manner. With much anticipation from everyone, folk tales and stories would be told, whilst at the same time passing on important lessons of life. Inspired by this old practice, Womaniko uses its fireplace conversations as platforms to engage with difficult questions arising from our life and work experiences. Core to these conversations is the desire to lead authentic lives, inspired by the core of who we are, irrespective of where we are positioned in life. It is also to discover and journey with others as we explore ways in which we can lead lives aligned to our greater purpose and why we exist in life.

Grappling with the question of authenticity is particularly important in our high-pressured world, where a lot of demands are constantly placed upon us as individuals, leaders and organisations. In this world, performance is measured by external results, to the satisfaction of those we serve and we seek to please. Those who can afford spend large amounts of money trying to shape themselves so that they are fit for purpose. New leadership gimmicks are introduced and old ones reshaped and revised to get the best leaders ever that can perform to their masters’ satisfaction.

The critical missing link is the inclusion of the inner self. It has been well said that ‘Leadership is not about learning techniques, rather it is about discovering ourselves and finding ways to bring ourselves more truly into the situations we face’. It is when we are truly authentic with and to ourselves that we can excel in what we do, being it at home, at work or anywhere else in society. Leading from within compels us to be vulnerable with ourselves and others.

At Womaniko, we create opportunities through fireplace conversations for individuals and leaders to explore different ways of leading that are inspired by the core of who they are. The result is discovering their innate gifts, strengths and wiring. What follows are authentic connections towards innovation, greater engagement and the overall life and work experience. These are the keys of sustainable results and performance.

Fireplace conversations are held jointly for both men and women on various topics under our running theme of Leading from Within. As an organization that was originally established for women, specific conversations are held for this group.

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