Youth Empower

As WomaNiko, we believe in raising strong youth, who are the best versions of themselves and can confidently lead themselves and others. To be the best versions of themselves requires them to be liberated to embrace and nurture the masterpieces they were created to be.

There are currently several initiatives in place by government, private sector and non-profit organizations in support of children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. These programs, which include bursary schemes and mentorship programs, are usually only aimed at academic excellence and career progression. Whilst good in themselves, they are often not holistic enough to address the intrinsic self-limiting beliefs children live with daily. A lot of young people grow up believing they are not good enough and have nothing to offer. Worst still, they compromise themselves in order to ‘fit in’ and struggle to deal with failure and instead opt out when confronted with life challenges.

This is particularly true amongst girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Because of their socialization, early childhood experiences, lack of exposure and role models, girls often struggle with low self-esteem and confidence as well as lack of self- awareness and identity. These limitations hold them back, thus impacting on their performance and ability to adapt and navigate the complex world in which they live.

At WomaNiko we offer various opportunities for young people to embrace themselves, grow their confidence and nurture their gifts. These include conversations, consisting of both in-door and out-door activities, called Youth-Squad Talks; Coaching, and Y-Voice, which consists of creative online network platforms aimed at cultivating the confidence of young people in expressing themselves through writing and art. WomaNiko has a specific bias towards girls. For this reason, we also hold specific platforms for girls called G-Squad Talks and HerVoice.

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