Women Empower

Whether we realise it or not, each woman has something unique to create and offer to the world. From the time of our birth, we have been enriched with exceptional gifts, talents and leadership styles that are only unique to us. These often manifest themselves through dreams that are just waiting to be expressed. Most of us would remember glimpses of such dreams from our early years, reflected through our imaginations of what we would be when we grow up. Both society and our workplaces would benefit a great deal when women have room to exercise their gifts, live out their dreams and passions where they are currently positioned.

It is only when we embrace who we are and are comfortable with what we see, can we truly be the leaders we are meant to be. Women are great listeners, very insightful, multi-tasking and often lead from a value based position. A women’s human touch, often seen by others as a sign of weakness is one of our greatest gifts to the world. When women make themselves vulnerable, they make those around them to be comfortable enough to make mistakes too. This gives room to innovate and create – two of the things that are critical to leading from within. Using their gifts, women leaders create the environment to provide the much - needed support for innovation. Having the ability to lead from within allows women to excel in all spheres of their lives, including their workspaces.

At WomaNiko, we create platforms for women to connect with their inner selves to unleash their inner power, passion and dreams. This is made possible when we as women can garner the confidence to discover who we are, trust ourselves more deeply, and believe in our worthiness. It is when we have the confidence to question and unlearn those things that have kept us small for years, and give ourselves permission to imagine new possibilities and new paths for ourselves. We are then willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and move into new terrains we have not yet thought of before.

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