Some young people are fired up and buzzing with great ideas and dreams while on the other hand, others carry a lot of uncertainly, confusion and at times pain within themselves. Despite their easy access to all kinds of social platforms, they still don’t always have reliable outlets or even the confidence to express themselves, their great ideas or their dreams.

Womaniko takes advantage of online network platforms to cultivate the confidence of young people to communicate and share their stories in fun ways to authentically express themselves. This can be in written or oral form on topics of interest to them. Young people are encouraged to share their own success stories, dreams and ideas, thoughts and opinions, learnings and reflections on themselves and their peers.

The benefit of Y-Voice is that it develops and sharpens young people’s communication and social skills. Being an online platform, it connects youth all over whilst at the same time exposing them on each other’s worlds . HerVoice is specifically targeted at girl-children while Y-Voice is a joint platform for both girls and boys.

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