thumbs upOn a daily basis, many women and young people are confronted with dilemmas they are never sure of how to deal with. In their struggle to find answers, they often get overwhelmed and their situations become even more stickier than before.

Others, are held up in careers that are no longer fulfilling but continue to drain the last drop of energy from them. Their fear of the unknown constantly blocks them from venturing out into new career paths that will lead them to the freedom they so deserve.

At WomaNiko, we provide coaching services for women and young people who find themselves in such situations and are looking for opportunities to deal with their dilemmas in a constructive way. Our coaching interventions are further designed to help them overcome their fears and unlock their full potential.

Through our transformative coaching approaches, we help them to reconnect with who they are, their core values and discover their strengths. These are important factors that drive sustainable growth and confidence.

We use proven tools and skills, whilst providing a supportive, caring and challenging environment to help people think, moving them from where they are to where they want to be.

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