What are you giving yourself permission to DROP OR PICK UP so you can breathe?


“Dont rush through life ..., make time to stop and breathe it all in”, Lysa TerKeurst (2016)

As I prepare for our upcoming Fireplace Conversation with WomaNiko Transforming Spaces, I could not help but admit that our topic is directed at myself first. This is a struggle of my life. Today is one of those days that I look back and realise how much I have missed in the lives of my own children because I was too busy. Yesterday I had to apologise to my son for spending less time with them these past few days. I always envy my dear friend Ntebo Mosala Bryant, who still has fond memories of my daughter when she was five. She and her husband used to pick her up from school and she would do all sorts of things with my girl. She always tells of the funniest stories I certainly had no opportunity to listen to. I was too busy and never knew what it meant to slow down and really breathe through life.


boulderSimple things can make a whole lot of difference in another’s and your life
We happen to stay with a lovely little boy who, by coming into our lives, is teaching us the importance of paying attention to the little but important things in life. One of our little rituals is reading for him and praying together before he sleeps. I am always left with wonder when I see how much he enjoys these special moments. Even when he resists going to bed (because he always wants to know, why should he go to bed when everyone else is still awake), the attraction to his story book is irresistible. My heart always melts when I ask him to do his prayer, which he recites with a lot of enthusiasm and a big smile on his face. Our only struggle is that he often wants me to read the whole night - "and you gonna read here as well makhulu (grandma) and here, and here? Have you read this part...? Obviously, makhulu is not able to do that. The truth is, when we started with this ritual, little did we know that something so simple could make someone so happy. I never knew that this ritual would be one of the things that would be so meaningful to our little guest - something he would always be looking forward to, no matter how much tantrums he threw during the day.

We may never know how much we are missing out
My point is, no matter how hard it may be, we owe it to ourselves and those around us to slow down. Until we do, we may never know how much we are missing out on important things in life, how much we can find joy just in the presence of each other. As for me, the times I spend in the night with our grandchild are precious moments that are irreplaceable. As I make time to myself in the midst of my long and busy days, I am learning to breathe in the beautiful scents that life brings to me. Have you even noticed those scents around you?

What would your response to the question in number 3 below offer you?
So, going back to our challenge to you!

Please take a few minutes today and reflect and answer for yourself the following questions?

  1. What really keeps you busy that you don’t have time for yourself?
  2. What do these things offer you?
  3. Are there any of these you would like to drop or any new habits you would like to pick up as a gift to yourself?
  4. What would your response to the question in number 3 above offer you?

Want to share how your reflections went?
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