About Us

Our Values


Authenticity and deep connections with ourselves and those we work with. We believe we cannot perform at our best when we are not able to show up as we really are. By being authentic we also forge deep connections with those around us and our clients.


Each of us takes responsibility for both our self-care and work. This means practicing affirming and caring ways of working. Recognising that only our best selves can deliver the most suitable and workable solutions timeously.

Community & belonging

We show value in working with others whilst respecting each other’s sense of individuality and boundaries. We acknowledge and are aware that whilst we work together, each of us are different and so are our circumstances. Building community and belonging means being deliberate about valuing difference and each individual contribution.


Our work in the world requires courage. We uphold this value through courageous conversations with one another, even when this is uncomfortable. We do this with respect and honour for each other’s dignity and with care. We are clear about our own boundaries with ourselves and others.

Coaching, Fireplace Conversations, Campaigns and Programmes